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"Our main concern here is to show the Rock Valley College Board that these people are now watching what they’re doing and that they should be acting contingent with what the community desires as our vision for this college," Williams said. The college's 159-member Faculty Association declared no confidence in college leadership Monday. Dozens of faculty attended the meeting, wearing their signature yellow T-shirts. Faculty Association President Mike Youngblood said he doesn't understand the college's reasoning behind the layoffs.  "We’re just building a new health services building and look at the number of nursing faculty that the board has just given RIF notices to," Youngblood said. "Why would you build a health services building at the same you RIF the nursing staff?" "You have an entire business program that’s been decimated. Trustee (Patrick) Murphy said they weren’t going after programs, but that’s almost the entire business department. We have one business professor left," Youngblood said as he looked over the list of the 28 faculty members who were laid off. RVC President Doug Jensen said some of the faculty members could get their jobs back in the fall depending on the college's financial position, enrollment or bargaining with the union, which starts Wednesday. "This is not a good day for anybody when we have to make these kind of decisions," Jensen said. "The question we need to ask ourselves is how do we not put ourselves in this position in the future so we don’t have to revisit this." The college's Student Government Association has scheduled an open forum with Board Chairman Patrick Murphy at 3 p.m.

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